healthy skin

When it starts to get cold outside, we stay bundled up as much as possible, but sometimes we neglect our skin in the process. The air outside is dry and humidity is low, and we’re blasting the heat indoors as well, which causes our skin to be drier than normal. Dry, flaky skin isn’t cute at all, though. You want to keep supple, healthy looking skin that’s soft to the touch, so here are a few easy, healthy ways to prep your skin for Fall.

healthy skin

Use warm water vs hot
Hot showers are the best, but they also strip your skin of natural oils. Try to use warm water when showering or cleansing your face instead, and be sure to add in a hydrating lotion or oil when you’re done to help lock in moisture.

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Exfoliate regularly
Dry, flaky skin is a no-no, so take time out to regularly exfoliate to remove dead skin. Exfoliating gloves are great to use in the shower, or you can use a body scrub (brown sugar or coffee are great) a few times a week to help keep your skin soft.

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Use a lotion/oil and gloves 
Always apply a lotion, balm, or oil after showering, and try to wear gloves when you’re out. Also keep lotion with you as well to re-apply after washing your hands. Dry skin can make your hands look old really fast, so try to protect them as much as possible.

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Use sunscreen and moisturizer daily
The sun can damage skin regardless of the season, so don’t skimp on it just because it’s cloudy out now. Same goes with using a moisturizer (even if you have oily-skin). Make both a part of your daily skincare regime so that your skin remains clear and supple.

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Drink your water
Drinking water regularly will help you stay hydrated from the inside out. Warm lemon water is refreshing in the morning, and you can add berries, citrus fruits and even mint to your water if you don’t like the taste of plain water.


There are so many additional things that you can add to your skincare routine, but regularly incorporating these steps will help to keep your skin hydrated, healthy and happy.

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