social distancing

By now, everyone should be familiar with Social Distancing and understand the importance of staying in. Being quarantined when you’re not actually sick (thank goodness!) can make you go a little stir crazy after a while, though, so finding activities to do in the home beyond work, school, and scrolling on Instagram or Facebook all day are a must. Of course you have your standard home activities that you can do:

  • read a book on your reading list
  • do a family puzzle together
  • play Monopoly or other old school board games
  • finally clean out those junk drawers and hallway closet

but what if you want something a little more… fun? While you may not be able to visit all our Saddle Creek retailers at the moment, many of them are offering ways to help keep you entertained until things go back to normal. If you’re looking for more things to do at home while you’re practicing Social Distancing, consider the following:

paper source easter bunny kit

Crafting Kits from Paper Source
The Paper Source has DIY Paper Crafting Kits that you can do alone, or with a family member. Easter is coming up, so they have a really cute Easter Bunny Place Card Kit that you can use for brunch or dinner that day.

sur la table cookwear

Chopped-Style Activities from Sur la Table
If you didn’t cook much at home, what better time to start than now? Sur la Table has instructional videos on their website to help you whip up a few dishes. If you’re feeling really creative, go through your cabinets and have some Chopped Style contests to determine who’s the Head Chef in the house.

lululemon yoga

Follow lululemon for Free Yoga Classes on Social Media
lululemon may have temporarily closed their doors, but they’re still very active with their customers and community. Over the next few weeks they will be delivering daily content from their community and ambassadors to help you live #thesweatlife wherever you are on their Instagram. Your home workouts will never look the same.

chrldr rainbow leopard hoodie

Shop Indigo Online
Just because you’re in the house doesn’t mean you have to look like a slob. If you don’t already own some cute loungewear, Indigo has some pretty cute options on their online store. Although they’re a retailer in Saddle Creek they’re actually locally owned, so shopping with them is still doing your part in helping a small business during their closure.

The health and well-being of our guests is our top priority, and we’re committed to following CDC, WHO and local officials’ guidelines regarding COVID-19 precautions at Saddle Creek. Safety and security are key priorities for Saddle Creek, and we have confidence that our retailers, their employees and our guests will continue to exercise caution and common sense in the weeks to come. Click here to keep up with everything that’s going on.