clean closet

At the beginning of the year, “Detoxing” is a huge topic of conversation, but usually the focus is on food and diet culture. While that’s normal to focus on (you do you), there are other areas that probably require more focus at this time. We are surrounded by junky drawers, closets, and even social media platforms, so why not take a little time out to detox those? If you have an extra hour to spare here and there, here are 5 areas to detox that don’t include your body.

clean home

Digital Detox
With so many people working from home now, it’s safe to say we’re using social media waaay more than what we usually do. With that being said, we may find ourselves becoming fatigued by the content that we’re intaking, so if you’re following people who’s content no longer serves you, makes you feel anxious, or just isn’t inspiring anymore, don’t feel bad about unfollowing or deleting them. Social Media should be fun, and before you feel like it’s toxic city and that you need to completely delete it or take a break, reassess who you’re following/what you’re consuming and make changes to that first.

digital detox

Clean Out Your Fridge
Seriously, when is the last time you gave your fridge a really good deep clean? It’s probably time, lol. Remove anything that is expired, old condiments that are messy, and any other items that you know you will never eat. Give it a good wipe down with a safe cleanser and hot water and then try to organize what’s left in a way that makes sense to you. If the cleaning bug has really hit you, start in your pantry next!

organized groceries


Declutter Your Car
MANY of us (self-included) treat our cars like a second home, and it’s time that we stop. There’s nothing worse than having to constantly move stuff around because people have nowhere to sit, so now’s the perfect time to get in there and clean it out! Remove anything that doesn’t belong, vacuum it out and then give it a wash (I prefer the drive-throughs, lol).

Donate Clothing You Longer Wear
Getting rid of clothing that we no longer wear or want is probably one of the hardest things for people to do, but it’s so necessary. For one, it will make getting dressed so much easier because you can actually see what’s in there. Secondly, getting rid of the pieces that don’t work makes room for the pieces that will! You have to treat it like ripping off a band-aid (if you think too long about a piece you’re less likely to get rid of it), but once it’s done you will feel so much better.


Cancel unnecessary subscriptions
If you have a gym membership that you’ve never used but pay for monthly, raise your hand! Guys, we are wasting SO much money holding on to these subscriptions that we will never use, no matter what we tell ourselves every day. Take some time to go through your bank statements to review the subscriptions that you currently have, and cancel any that you don’t really use or aren’t necessarily helping you. Stop giving money away!


There are so many areas that we can work on and get in order, but these are just a start (and can be knocked out in a weekend)!