The holidays are a great time to host close friends and family, and if you were thinking about hosting a Friendsgiving this year, I wanted to share a few tips to help you make sure it is the best one ever.

Don’t Overthink Your Plans
Friendsgiving is supposed to be a fun time, so you don’t want to over think it, but you also don’t want to wait until the last minute to prep and get things ready. The week of your gathering, do as much as you can leading up to the day. Clean your home, go grocery shopping, and even get your playlist together in advance so that an hour before guests arrive you can be calm and collected and ready to enjoy the evening.

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Invite Friends That Will Mesh Well Together
It’s normal to have different friend groups, but before you send out that invitation, take a moment to make of list of who you’d like to invite to ensure everyone will “play nice” together. Now is not the time to try to mend friendships or anything that could cause drama, so take a deep breath and really curate your guest list. I learned at a really young age that all friend groups should NOT mix, and if you’re not careful, it can ruin the night. This doesn’t mean that everyone should already be friends as well or even know each other, it just means that if you know you have a friend that wilds out after 1 cocktail while everyone else is really conservative, this might not be the best time to have them over together. If you will have formal seating, be sure to mix up where everyone sits to keep things interesting.

friendsgiving tips

Keep Cocktails on Deck
Cocktails help people relax, so whether you have a signature drink for the night or set up a station with a designated bartender, have them ready to go (and keep them flowing), so that guests will get the vibe as soon as they arrive.

friendsgiving tips friendsgiving tips

Mix Up Your Menu
Gone are the days that you have to slave over a stove cooking if you don’t want to. Yes, we love traditional “holiday food” but you don’t have to stick to that 100% if that’s not what you’re feeling. I once attended a Friendsgiving where we each had to bring a dish based around a main ingredient, and we had a wonderful feast that night. Don’t be such a stickler to a menu that you feel that every dish has to be a traditional one-keep it fun and mix it up!

Create A Bomb Playlist
Listen to me closely: MUSIC. IS. EVERYTHING. The music that you play during your gathering is almost as important as the food that you serve, so don’t ignore this part of planning. What you choose will truly set the scene, so choose wisely. If you’re lost on what to play, Afro Beats, Singer/Songwriters from the 70s, and 90s R&B are always a cool vibe; you can also go down a Motown Records rabbit-hole as well. If you’re not good at selecting songs yourself, Spotify always has playlists (although some of the choices can be a bit weird), and Pandora can create great mix based on a song. Don’t gather in silence and don’t leave it up to chance!

friendsgiving tips

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Stock up on To-Go Containers
This is such a genius move for the person that doesn’t want to eat leftovers for days on end. Having to-go containers will allow your friends to easily pack up a plate to take with them at the end of the night while helping you keep space in your fridge!

As with all gatherings during this time, remember to keep it covid safe. There are so many other great tips out there, but if you start with these simple 6, you’ll be able to have fun, give thanks and enjoy your friends!