Golden Hour is a plant and gift shop filled with a wide variety of houseplants, small-batch candles, handmade jewelry, and unique home décor. Locally-owned with an all-female team, we care deeply for our community and focus on connecting with our customers and sharing our plant knowledge. We help our guests select plants that fit their space and provide care information to help those plants thrive. Our team believes that all people can be plant people, and our aim is to provide the guidance to help even the most novice plant owner keep their plants happy and healthy. We source our inventory primarily from other small, independent brands around the country, so every Golden Hour purchase not only supports our small business, but other small businesses as well.

Saddle Creek South, between Altar’d State & SEPHORA
Tuesday – Thursday 10AM – 5PM
Friday & Saturday 10AM – 6PM
Sunday 12PM – 4PM